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Spring 2020 News & Events

  • Seminar on Heteroglossic Bilingual Education and Policy Trends

    As part of the ICE-LC Seminar Series 2019-2020, The International and Comparative Education Research Group (ICE) in Collaboration with Language Centre (LC) is pleased to announce a seminar on:“International Education from the Lenses of Heteroglossic Bilingual Education and Policy Trends”9.30 AM – 11.30 AM, Thursday 13 February 2020Location: Meeting Room,...
  • ICE Member to Present at Conference in Australia

    Dr. Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad, a core member of ICE, will present a paper on “Bruneian Students on Discovery Year: Reworking of Mobilities Aspirations and Mobilities Decision-Making” in a panel on “Mobility and education in Asia: an interdisciplinary discussion?” at the Asian Studies Association of Australia conference, 6-9 July 2020,...
  • Seminar on Language Learning

    ICE would like to draw attention to an upcoming seminar presentation in the Language Centre Series that ICE Core Member Sarah Catherine Boye will be co-presenting.Title: The Art of Reading Minds: Personal Construct Theory and Investigating the Language Learning Classroom.Presenters: Dr Andrew Littlejohn, Dr Ishamina Athirah Muntassir Gardiner, Dr Sarah...
  • ICE Symposium on Higher Education

    The International and Comparative Education Research Group (ICE) at Universiti Brunei Darussalam is holding a one-day Symposium on the Internationalisation of Higher Education on Wednesday, January 15th at the Senate Room in the Chancellor Hall.For details, please see the programme below.
  • Workshops by Professor Fazal Rizvi

    Dr. Fazal Rizvi, Professor of Global Studies in Education at the University of Melbourne and an affiliate member of the International and Comparative Education Research Group (ICE) at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, will be leading three workshops at ICE. For details, please see the flyer below.

About ICE

The International and Comparative Education (ICE) Research Group, initiated and led by Dr. Phan Le Ha, Senior Professor, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Insitute of Education (SHBIE), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), is dedicated to the study of educational systems globally as well as of established and emerging phenomena in education in the context of community and regional building, globalisation, internationalisation, digitalisation, transnationality and mobilities of people, ideas, technologies, practices, anxieties and aspirations.

It brings together scholars and researchers from multiple disciplines across UBD as well as internationally to build scholarship and pedagogy, cultivate research ideas, work on projects, create knowledge and publications, and engage societies in on-going dialogues related to ICE in its broadest sense. It also reaches out to ministries, higher education institutions, schools and other organisations to involve them in research, professional training and community engagement activities, so as to build a community of researchers, policy makers, professionals and individuals with shared intellectual interests and agendas.


ICE has core members from multiple faculties across the University including education, arts and social sciences, humanities, Islamic studies, Southeast Asian studies, and language and linguistics. In addition to these core members, ICE also appoints affiliate members from other local entities and universities around the world. Altogether, ICE is committed to growing into a dynamic intellectual home in Asia, Asia-Pacific and the Gulf regions as well as in its home of the Borneo island encompassing vast population from Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Seminar Series

join us

Rommel Curaming at ICE @ UBD

One of ICE’s key programs is its Seminar Series in collaboration with the Language Centre. The ICE-LC Seminar Series features a diverse range of research and professional expertise from ICE members, its affiliates and other members of the University and international visitors.

For 2019-2020, most ICE-LC Seminars are scheduled for Tuesday; while some seminars from ICE visiting academics will also take place on other days. The first ICE-LC Seminar takes place on Tuesday, August 20th.

We look forward to your participation in and contribution to the ICE-LC Seminar Series and to many stimulating discussion and conversations that follow.


The International and Comparative Education Research Group (ICE) is currently developing and carrying out multiple major multi-year research projects on student mobilities.

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