Cora Lingling Xu

Dr. Cora Lingling Xu (PhD, Cambridge) is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Durham University, UK.

She is an editorial board member of the British Journal of Sociology of Education and editorial panel member of the Cambridge Journal of Education.

In 2017, Cora founded the Network for Research into Chinese Education Mobilities. Cora has published in international peer-reviewed journals, including the British Journal of Sociology of Education, The Sociological Review, International Studies in Sociology of Education, the Review of Education, the European Educational Research Journal and the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.

She has written for Asia Dialogueand Social Theory Applied. Her research interests include Bourdieu’s theory of practice, education mobilities and inequalities, as well as China studies.

She can be reached at, and via Twitter @CoraLinglingXu.

Please click here to access Dr. Cora Xu’s research publications.