Kathrina Mohd Daud

Dr. Kathrina Mohd Daud is an Assistant Professor in the English Studies programme in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, where she teaches literature and creative writing.

She is interested in the intersections between popular fiction, religion in literature, and Southeast Asian literature (with a focus on Brunei), and her work has appeared in the Journal of Commonwealth Literature, World Englishes, The Kyoto Review as well as in several edited volumes.

She co-edited the volume The Southeast Asian Woman Writes Back: Gender, Identity and Nation in the Literatures of Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines (Springer, 2018) with Grace V.S. Chin.

Dr Kathrina is also involved with the local creative industries, being the co-founder of Salted Egg Theatre, a local all-female theatre group, and an art critic for The Scoop, a local media outlet.

Her first novel, The Fisherman King, was shortlisted for the Singaporean Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2020, and will be published later this year.