Liam C Kelley

Liam C. Kelley is an Associate Professor of Southeast Asian Studies in the Institute of Asian Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. His background is in premodern Vietnamese history, but he is particularly interested in how the premodern Vietnamese past has been reinterpreted and re-purposed since the early twentieth century.

Professor Kelley is also very interested in the ways in which the Digital Revolution is transforming how scholars can produce and disseminate their ideas and has been at the forefront of the effort to employ new digital media for academic purposes.

For examples, see his blog and videos at

Finally, Professor Kelley and Professor Phan Le Ha organize an annual conference called Engaging With Vietnam: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue (

Recent publications include the following:

Liam C. Kelley, “The Decline of Asian Studies in the West and the Rise of Knowledge Production in Asia: An Autoethnographic Reflection on Mobility, Knowledge Production, and Academic Discourses,” Research in Comparative and International Education (2020).

Liam C. Kelley, “The Centrality of ‘Fringe History’: Diaspora, the Internet and a New Version of Vietnamese Prehistory,” International Journal of Asia Pacific Studies (2020).