ICE Member to Present at Conference in Australia

ICE Member to Present at Conference in Australia

Dr. Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad, a core member of ICE, will present a paper on “Bruneian Students on Discovery Year: Reworking of Mobilities Aspirations and Mobilities Decision-Making” in a panel on “Mobility and education in Asia: an interdisciplinary discussion?” at the Asian Studies Association of Australia conference, 6-9 July 2020, in Melbourne.

Congratulations Dr. Mazidah!!

Please see below for the abstract of the paper:


The field of international student mobilities remains a fertile ground for research as exemplified by the expansion of discourses on students mobilities by researchers within this field over the recent years (Yoon 2014, Cairns 2016, Doughty and Murray 2016, Yang 2018). While the interest in students’ mobilities and the recognition of experiential learning initiatives continue to grow in size and intensities, future aspirations, mobilities aspirations and mobilities decision-making by the students themselves within an institutionalised mobilities programme remain understudied especially in the context of Southeast Asian students mobilities (Ortiga 2018 and Phan 2018). Mobilities for educational purpose is not a straightforward matter informed by just the need to be future ready. Using Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s, a young and emerging university in Southeast Asia, flagship Discovery Year programme as a research site and the experiences of the 51 students who have been on Discovery Year within the last two years elicited by semi-structured interviews, this paper aims to demonstrate the complexities of students mobilities in the context of their mobilities aspirations and decision-making. This paper also hoped to offer insights into the students’ reworking of aspirations and rethinking of adult future as an ongoing and reflexive activity in the context of today’s precarious condition locally and globally.